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Pandora Premium APK Cracked

Music enthusiasts all over the world need an app that can serve music based on their interests. Pandora Music is a free and premium service used by millions of people around the globe. The specialty of Pandora One is that it runs on a smart AI system that finds your interests by observing the music you play daily. Based on these lists, Pandora One brings you new music that will serve to your taste. This makes it easy to find and listen to new music daily that we didn’t know existed. Although Pandora Music is interesting, it is not completely free like Spotify Premium APK. Download Pandora One APK, Pandora Plus APK, and Pandora Premium APK cracked version for offline mode below.

Pandora Premium APK Download

Pandora One, Pandora Plus, and Pandora Premium are the services provided by Pandora Music company. As buying music is something we Android crackers don’t like doing, we are going to crack Pandora Music today and get all the premium features for free. Before installing Pandora Mod Apk, please know the features and other important app information.


Download Pandora Mod APK Latest version [Offline MOD+Cracked]

Pandora Music app has a 4.4 rating on Google Play Store and is being used by 28 million Android users. You can download the free version directly from Play Store, iOS Store, Amazon app store and Roku Store. If you do not own an Android mobile, the only way to get Pandora Premium App is by upgrading via the official app. The below Mod Apks only work on Android mobiles running Android 2.2 and higher. Pandora Music Upgrade Plans for 2018 are $4.99/month for Pandora Plus and $9.99/month for Pandora Premium.


Pandora Premium APK Download

Pandora in Home: You can now listen to free music in your home by connecting Pandora Music to your Amazon Alexa Tv or Apple Tv.

Pandora in Car: Now cruise with Music with Pandora’s Audiovox, Acura and Alpine devices in the car.

If you are someone who likes listening to a Playlist while at work/home, you can customize your own playlists and get random playlist suggestions depending on your taste. Listen to Rock, Pop, RNB, EDM, country music and different genres for free. You can also create an offline playlist and play when not connected to the internet.


  • No advertisements in between songs.
  • Listen to songs in 320Kbps HD sound.
  • Download your favorite music with a single click.
  • Get unlimited shuffle, skip, replay access.
  • Create own playlists and avoid random suggestions.
  • No Timeout to listen to music.
  • Thumbprint radio for more personal station experience across 170+ channels.


Features Pandora Free Pandora Plus Pandora Premium
Personalized Radio No Yes Yes
Download Offline Music No No Yes
Unlimited Skips No Yes Yes
Custom Playlists No No Yes
Ads Free No Yes Yes
Price Free $4.99/m $9.99/m
Download Link Play Store Get APK Get APK
Note: As Pandora One has been renamed as Pandora Plus, you can see the features of different versions above.


Both Pandora Plus and one are same with a few differences in features. Pandora One has been relaunched as Pandora Plus that is a lesser upgrade of the premium version. After, downloading the Pandora One APK file, you must connect your mobile to the internet first to see new songs and then load them into Pandora Music Player. The option to listen to songs offline will be enabled once the song data is loaded into the player. Pandora Plus provides 192Kbps of HD sound of Regional, International, Pop songs. Download Pandora Plus Apk below and start your musical journey.

Download Pandora Plus APK

Pandora Plus have some amazing features like Ads free interface, offline music mode, customizing radio channels to our liking and getting unlimited skips/replays while playing multiple songs. Though this version has fewer features than premium version, it is recommended for users that want simplicity and only the offline music feature. If you want to create your own custom playlists, then we recommend you to upgrade to the premium version.


Pandora premium APK is more feature loaded and is priced more than the plus version. The premium version allows for 320Kbps HD sound with good audio output even if you play the music via external devices. Also, you can directly share your lists with friends on FB/Twitter. The app will run much faster If you are using Android 5.0 and higher. As this is the latest version v1712.1, you can get all new features.

 Download Pandora Premium APK

As Premium versions can be easily patched with a simple app update, it is not recommended to update the app even if a notification asks it. Updating an app will patch the cracked file and turn the APK file into Pandora Free Music version. In cases of remission, please uninstall the app and install Pandora Premium APK again.


  • Download Pandora Plus/One/Premium APK from above links.
  • Go to Security Settings and enable ‘App installations from unknown sources’.
  • Now click on APK file to start the installation.



Create Playlist and Thumbprint Radio option in Pandora Premium Music

Step 1: Create an Account with Pandora Music on (or) directly when using the app. If you are a previous user, you can login using those details.

Step 2: Choose music to play. Once you’ve selected your music, click the ‘save’ icon to load it in a player. Now you can listen to saved songs offline without internet.

Step 3: To download Music, Open the Song tab and click on ‘Download’ from the song page. A song will be download in available format or 192 Kbps format.

Step 4: Click the Menu button and select ‘Playlists’ option. Here, create a new custom playlist or get a random suggestion based on previous music choices.

Step 5: Personalized Radio experience for users exploring new music. Give thumbs up or thumbs down to radio channels to get thumbprint radio suggestions.


Application Pandora Premium APK
Type APK
Version 1712.1
Size 18.09 MB
Compatible Android Mobiles, Tablets
License Free/Paid
Language English
Requires Android 2.3 and higher
Developer Pandora Music


To use these services on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch., you must pay the service fee as iOS doesn’t support APK file formats. However, you can use all these services on MacBook, iMac, Windows PC/Laptop using Android emulators like BlueStacks/Nox App Player.



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